Mystery Mushroom

My daughter found this mushroom (at least, I assume it’s a mushroom) while we were picking out our Christmas tree.


Here’s another look.


I can’t figure out what it is.  Russula brevipes?  Doesn’t seem quite right.

But in trying to figure it out, I did enjoy browsing this U.S. Forest Service Field Guide to Common Macrofungi in Eastern Forests and Their Ecosystem Functions” [pdf] and this University of Wisconsin, Green Bay guide to Biodiversity of Macrofungi in Northern Door County, WI.  Even a casual glance through these guides is a great reminder of how weirdly interesting fungi are — and, for me, how little I know about them.

So if anyone knows what the fungus pictured above is, please let me know!  It came from a spot very near the coast of the Narragansett Bay.


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