Deinocheirus claws

An article came out today by Jeff Hecht for the New Scientist, featuring thoughts from two prominent paleontologists on how Deinocheirus might have used its claws:

“Deinocheirus claws were not for hooking into flesh,” says Thomas Holtz of the University of Maryland in College Park. They were too blunt for that. Rather, the huge limbs remind Holtz of giant ground sloths, meaning the claws might have been for digging or grabbing onto trees.

[University of Alberta paleontologist Philip] Currie agrees. The proportions of the limbs suggest Deinocheirus was slow-moving, he says, and the creature may have used its long arms to pull down high branches to feed on.

Professor Currie is one of the listed authors of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology abstract and presentation regarding new Deinocheirus discoveries that I referenced in Saturday’s post.


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